The industry has used spray sprinklers with glazing as an alternate approach 
for a long time. Having said that, the ONLY place it is official blessed is for 
Atrium glass (unless something was added since I looked a couple of cycles ago 
but with the WS sprinkler covering a wider spectrum not a lot of energy being 
invested on said other places). Since 13 says use a listed sprinkler or allowed 
by the codes, that narrows the easy application to that described by the mfg 
cut sheet or for atrium glass.  

Regarding the NFPA 101 guidance, I’ve always been worried (in our crazy world 
of litigation) about proving the requirement to wet the ENTIRE surface with a 
parabolic pendent sprinkler (which gets little or no attention in the 
evaluation).  Just because an AHJ accepts it doesn’t mean one of my fellow 
Prostitutes Extraordinaire won’t help some dirt ball attorney sue you.  SO the 
first question is, is it worth the effort.


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> On Feb 13, 2018, at 2:57 PM, Jerry Van Kolken <> wrote:
> Okay, Is been about a decade since I’ve dealt glazing protection. Is there 
> any information on protecting window with standard spray sprinklers. I’ve 
> been told this was direction was approved by the AHJ.
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