In addition to resin storage and spraying, also look for releasing agents and 
solvent storage.  Typically acetone is used for cleaning equipment.  You might 
find MEK as well.

Are the hulls stored outside or on cantilever racks or inside during different 
stages of finishing and finally once completed?

You may also have exhaust system ductwork and hoods in some areas that need to 
be protected.  

Typically EHII covers most of the operation.  Storage methodology of the hulls 
may drive some storage criteria.  Depending on the location of, quantity and 
type of solvents, foam-water systems might also be warranted.

The fiberglass itself won't burn, at high temps it melts.  But in some cases, 
other materials are added to the fiberglass for strength or resiliency that can 
alter the combustible nature of the product.  It's the composite materials that 
can bite you.  Ask what is in the process to be sure of no surprises.

Also ask for a chemical list if you can, also to be sure you don't have any 
unique, unexpected hazards that need special attention.

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I have visited a couple - watch out for resin storage. I don't know if the 
actual fiberglass is flammable, but the goo they put on it is. The places I 
visited also had lots of Styrofoam that was used to fill hull cavities. 


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I know boat storage is a bad word … how about boat production?

I’m looking at a 40,000sqft production building. I am guessing fiberglass molds 
and fit outs going on in these bays. Other than that there is a couple small 
offices and a small varnish room.

Anyone protect a building like this before?

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