The 2015 IFC states:
2809.5 Fire protection. An approved hydrant and hose system
or portable fire-extinguishing equipment suitable for the
fire hazard involved shall be provided for open storage yards.
Hydrant and hose systems shall be installed in accordance
with NFPA 24. Portable fire extinguishers complying with
Section 906 shall be located so that the distance of travel
from the nearest unit does not exceed 75 feet (22 860 mm).

To get that "approved hydrant and hose system" we'd typically have a layout 
showing the yard and anticipated loading.  Take that to the local fire code 
official (FCO) and talk about what kind of flow is available (I've have gotten 
this from local water purveyor before meeting the FCO).  If you only have 1500 
gpm flow rate available at 20 psi for example, how many hydrants will have to 
be involved with how many pumpers for the required hose streams.  We also talk 
about apparatus access through the yard and minimum aisle widths and turn radii 
so the owner knows there are stacking limitations.

Some of the answers depend on how the local FD is equipped.  

I agree, this is not a building related issue and even if there were a building 
on site, providing adequate resources for fighting a yard fire is a totally 
different hazard from a building.  

Also, for industrial or high flow rate areas I typically spec out the American 
Flow Control's American Darling Industrial hydrant with the 6" valve opening in 
lieu of the standard commercial hydrant with the 4.5 - 5" valve opening.  The 
AFC American-Darling hydrant # is B84B-BB-5. These can typically deliver up to 
4800 gpm through the 4.5" pumper connection at 100 psig.  

A lot of times we've just gotten hydrant spacing recommendations with no 
specific pressure or flow rates required.  I guess most FDs have resolved that 
they will get what they get and do the best with that.  

Craig L. Prahl 
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This isn't a sprinkler question specifically, but FP-related:   Has anyone ever 
worked on design of a private fire main for a lumberyard?   Huge outdoor piles 
of stored wood products, engineered members mostly, some smaller amounts of 
dimensional lumber.     We're trying to establish a fire flow for hydrants but 
there are no buildings of any size to benchmark and tables in the fire code are 
not of much use because they're based on building area and construction type.   
The fire load here is not in buildings ...

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