In other words, if all the ATF is saying is that the fire started outside on the patio then it did, and the Federal Prosecutors are moving on to other cases.

If the toilets flushed the water supply for this hazard would have been enough to smash that fire-- if it had started inside.

Maybe it burned up through the eaves, got above the attic sprinklers, spread exponentially, then descended like dark clouds from hell over a large area activating sprinklers far from the origin and that is why the survivors were wet coming out. So all the so-called typos ie 363 vs 663 gpm is MOOT-- if it stated outide it's like arson -- our control mode designs can't handle it.


Quoting David Blackwell <>:

Yes, it had a sprinkler system, but also multiple fatalities...

"In deadly fire at West Chester nursing home, what went wrong?"
 Updated: March 2, 2018 — 4:00 PM EST


David Blackwell

thanks David.
My heart goes out to all involved.
Statistics say it was a closed valve.
But what struck me is that hazard classifications for the purpose of design, installation and WATER SUPPLY are based on the building contents. This fire started outside.


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