I seem to remember being told early on in my fire protection career that 
sprinkler pipe could not pass thru unsprinklered areas of an otherwise 
sprinklered building. Does anyone know where this comes from or if it is even a 

In my case the water comes from the BFP passes thru an unconditioned (different 
problem that I know how to handle) and unsprinklered crawl space to a fire 
pump. Water goes from the fire pump passes back thru the same crawl space to a 
standpipe with floor control assemblies. Water from the floor control assembly 
then goes back thru the same crawl space to the occupied portion of the 
building where the fire pump is. This was someone else's design that the GC 
wants me to follow. I am looking for arguments for why this isn't the best way 
to run these pipes. Common sense does not apply here.

Mike Hill

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