Victaulic have one which is a bunch of cut groove couplings with stubs of
pipe between. As it uses couplings that would be Approved it should be
Approvable if not already listed,


Russell Gregory


New Zealand


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I don't think NFPA 13 really addresses expansion joints.  Normal systems
don't generally need to account for movement through other than the built-in
flexibility of the piping system. 


Now, if you are talking not normal, I was involved in a facility that had a
2000-foot long fire main in the basement, 10-inch diameter, that had three
expansion joints along its length.  I think they were Dressers, but don't
recall for sure.  They were the telescoping style to accommodate linear
movement.  They were not listed for fire main application.  You do what is
necessary in situations like that.   I doubt there is a UL or FM expansion
joint, other than for seismic applications.


John Hoffman

Burns & McDonnell


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Trying to find something in NFPA-13 that addresses expansion joints, not a
seismic separation, but come up empty. Any help?


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