This is something we're seeing occasionally and I'm wondering if others are
seeing it also.


A typical office area within a noncombustible building.  All rooms within
the greater area have lowered finished ceilings, are mostly light hazard,
and the space above is noncombustible and (almost) concealed.  A small
mechanical room (or 2 or 3) is located among the various offices.  This mech
room is less than 130 sf, so the floor area can be protected with 1
sprinkler.  However, the A/E has decided this room doesn't need a ceiling
and the perimeter walls can stop 6" above the ceiling height of the adjacent
rooms.  This makes the space above the surrounding offices noncombustible
but not truly concealed.  See below. 



NFPA 13 (2013) tells me I have to sprinkler the entire noncombustible space
above the offices. doesn't apply since it's open on all 4 sides.
We're working with GC to convince them to add a ceiling or to extend the
walls up to the roof deck.  It's just way too easy to overlook this kind of
seemingly minor detail when bidding, and difficult to get a change order (or
walls/ceilings added) after the contract's signed.


So, just wondering if anybody else is seeing this issue.


Ed Kramer

Bamford Fire


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