No, don’t use foam in the ducts or dust collector.

Protecting the space with a foam-water system is appropriate, but note, be sure 
to also look at NFPA 30 for design criteria since you are dealing with 
flammable liquids.  NFPA 16 and NFPA 30 have different duration requirements.  
Is there any storage of these materials in the space?  You need to know if 
there are any drums or totes present.

When you speak of a dust collector, we’re assuming you are dealing with totally 
different hazards such as a combustible dust.  Is the dust collector being 
provided with any other safety devices?  Who has established that suppression 
is required?  If the system is conveying flammable vapors and particulate you 
need to have someone qualified do a hazards analysis to determine what is the 
appropriate protection media for what is being conveyed. Water may not be 
effective or appropriate.  Foam-water is not an effective media for protection 
of these types of systems.

Also, if you use any foam system criteria understand that the design density 
isn’t automatically 0.16 gpm/sf.  That is the minimum.  You need to consult 
with a foam mfgr. and provide the chemicals you’re dealing with and let them 
recommend a design density and sprinkler discharge device.  Since both products 
are polar solvents, you might very well be at 0.16 but verify and get 
confirmation with your foam vendor.

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I'm working on project that has a coating room that uses MEK and acetone.
We were already protecting the exterior tanks with a foam deluge system, and 
now we've been asked to do a wet foam system in the coating room, the exhaust 
duct, and the dust collector.
So this all falls under NFPA 33, I get that. And this does say you can use NFPA 
16 for protection, but has anyone ever actually used foam in exhaust ducts and 
a dust collector before?
I kicked it back to the owner's consulting engineer asking for a full basis of 
design but in the meantime I was curious to see if this was a common request or 

Benjamin Young


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