I have a project where the owner has multiple rotary drum dryers in a building. 
 We are to provide fire protection for these dryers along with the attached 
cyclones, ductwork, and baghouses.  My initial thoughts were that we would 
protect with water deluge systems, but the owner would like to use steam 
extinguishing because it is readily available.  I've never looked into this 
type of system, so I'm not very familiar.  I am also having trouble finding any 
guidance from NFPA or elsewhere.

This plant is FM insured so I have been reviewing the data sheets.  Steam 
extinguishing systems are listed with six other Special Protection Systems in 
FMDS 04-00 and it also says, "Steam extinguishing systems have limited 
application as special protection systems. They are primarily used for the 
protection of normally heated and insulated equipment in plants having large 
quantities of steam continually available. Examples include protection of 
direct contact evaporators and associated equipment for black liquor recovery 
boilers at pulp and paper mills, and also airborne pulp dryers at modern kraft 
pulp mills."

I’m wondering if anyone has any guidance as to what FM data sheets would be 
applicable to Steam Extinguishing Systems and/or if there are other resources 
that you could point me towards that would have information on these systems?

This facility is not a Wood Processing or Woodworking Facility, but it seems 
like that is where I can find the most applicable information to this hazard… 
In FMDS 7-10, Wood Processing and Woodworking Facilities, 2.3.7 Rotary Dryers, 
it mentions that “Steam should not be used as the sole extinguishing medium”.

I have done some reading in the following data sheets but not finding an 
abundance of helpful information…

FMDS 06-17 Rotary Kilns and Dryers

FMDS 07-10 Wood Processing and Woodworking Facilities

FMDS 07-73 Dust Collectors

FMDS 07-04 Pulp Dryers

Any help or direction is appreciated.

Reed Roisum

Reed A. Roisum, SET | Karges-Faulconbridge, Inc. | Senior Fire Protection 
Designer | Fargo, ND | direct: 701.552.9903 | mobile: 701.388.1352 | 

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