....well the answer is weight is weight ... horizontal or vertical
using a 2013 edtion NFPA 13
Table A. has pipe weight foot

then 9.2.5 Support of Risers    support   every <25'

Figure A. & Exhibit 9.14
show some Vertical Loads.........

I think we are getting into Physics --  Static Loads

...good installation practices  are a must.....
... do the riser clamps really take their part of load every 25'?
...why is Pipe Main being pushed out? on the sloped roof
... lots of weight being carried by the Main Pipe and or at bottom of Riser,

Chuck Bamford SET

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> Is there a reliable table for the weight of water filled pipe for vertical
> loading (as in a straight hanger)? Table A. is for determining
> horizontal loading, per the heading.
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