Hi all,

On the behalf of the Spyder Project Contributors (https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder/graphs/contributors), I’m pleased to announce the seventh beta of our next major version: Spyder 3.0.

We’ve been working on this version for more than two years now and as far as we know it’s working very well. There are still several bugs to squash but we encourage all people who like the bleeding edge to give it a try. This beta version is released two weeks after our sixth one and it includes more than 200 commits.

Spyder 3.0 comes with several interesting and exciting new features. The most important ones are:

 * Third-party plugins: External developers can now create plugins that
   extend Spyder in novel and interesting ways. For example, we already
   have plugins for the line-profiler and memory-profiler projects, and
   also a graphical frontend for the conda package manager. These
   plugins can be distributed as pip and/or conda packages for authors
 * Improved projects support: Projects have been revamped and improved
   significantly in Spyder 3.0. With our new projects support, people
   will have the possibility of easily working on different coding
   efforts at the same time. That’s because projects save the state of
   open files in the Editor and allow Python packages created as part
   of the project to be imported in our consoles.
 * Support for much more programming languages: Spyder relies now on
   the excellent Pygments library to provide syntax highlight and
   suggest code completions in the Editor, for all programming
   languages supported by it.
 * A new file switcher: Spyder 3.0 comes with a fancy file switcher,
   very similar in spirit to the one present in Sublime Text. This is a
   dialog to select among the open
   files in the Editor, by doing a fuzzy search through their names. It
   also lets users to view the list of classes, methods and functions
   defined in the current file, and select
   one of them. This dialog is activated with |Ctrl+P|.
 * A Numpy array graphical builder: Users who need to create NumPy
   arrays in Spyder for matrices and vectors can do it now in a
   graphical way by pressing |Ctrl+M| in the Editor or the Consoles.
   This will open an empty 2D table widget to be filled with the data
   required by the user.
 * A new icon theme based on FontAwesome.
 * A new set of default pane layouts for those coming from Rstudio or
   Matlab (under |View > Window layouts|).
 * A simpler and more intuitive way to introduce keyboard shortcuts.
 * Support for PyQt5, which fixes problems in MacOS X and in high
   definition screens.

For a complete list of changes, please see here:


You can easily install this beta if you use Anaconda by running:

|conda update qt pyqt conda install -c spyder-ide spyder==3.0.0b7 |

Or you can use pip with this command:

|pip install --pre -U spyder |



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