On 22/09/2016 14:55, Mike Bayer wrote:

On 09/22/2016 07:30 AM, Chris Withers wrote:
How do you control the order in which columns are added to a
multi-column primary key when using the declarative primary_key=True
How about when one of those columns comes from a mixin?

without mixins, the columns are processed in the order that they were
created - they all have a global "created index" number that is
consulted outside of the order in which the objects appear on a
declarative class.

Right, so you'd just re-order the columns...

With mixins, that all gets screwed up.  In that case you'd use a
PrimaryKeyConstraint() object on the final mapped class and that will
express the ordering of the columns.

...which I guess I'd want to introspect and then form that final PrimaryKeyConstraint. How would I do that in this mixin:


...while also removing the primary key generated by the primary_key=True on the various columns?



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