There is any option to select JOIN result as dict?
For example I have:


 t1c1| t1c2
   1 | one
   2 | two
   3 | three


 t2c1 | t2c2 | t2c3
   11 | qwe  | 1
   22 | rty  | 2
   33 | zxcvb| 1

t2c3 from *table2 *is a foreign key to *table1*.

I want to show JOIN result 
q = db.session.query(table1.t1c2, table2).join(table2).all() 

as one dict:
  't1c2': 'one',
  't2c2': 'qwe',
  't2c1': '11',
  't2c3': '1'
  't1c2': 'two',
  't2c2': 'rty',
  't2c1': '22',
  't2c3': '2'

But above query returns me result as tuple. I tried covert this result 
using *asdict() *method, but it can't make from this one dictionary. I 
can't create any query to resolve my problem.

I use latest SqlAlchemy with Postgres 9.5.


SQLAlchemy - 
The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper


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