Hi, I'm having some trouble with connection management in sqlalchemy.

In my environment I have an already created connection with psycopg2, and 
some other components are still using it outside sqlalchemy.

I'd like create a new engine for sqlalchemy using the already created 
connection; without modifing it; letting other components of the 
environment working same as before.

At the moment I'm creating engine this way:

create_engine( 'postgresql+psycopg2://', creator = _getConn, 
poolclass=NullPool )

_getConn is a function returning the connection from psycopg2, already 

My problem is that seam like this engine is modifing default enconding of 
preexisting connection, and is changing default encoding of strings 
returning from it. I just want sqlalchemy use that connection without 
touching it, I also have connection pool managment at high level so I don't 
strictly need sqlalchemy managment with it.

So I'd like sqlalchemy just use my connection, without even trying reopeing 

Would someone suggest me engine configuration or approach?

Thanks a lot

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The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper


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