So I have been using SQL alchemy to convert some unidata data stores into 
ms sql data.

One of the GL components in our system is called object, well object code.

Most refer to it as object so when I defined my model for the table 
including it I named it object.

It all works fine, but object is technically is something else in python. 
 I guess in theory within the lexical scope of that class I am redefining 
what object means.

Is this a big deal?  I am viewing it as a big deal and I want to get it 
changed, which requires some coordination because what was an experiment 
turned into an in use prototype (ain't that always the way).

I just wanted to get some more experienced feedback in case any of the data 
consumers start asking why I am wanting to change something that works to 
rename this field.


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The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper

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