I have a query which tries to get list of users for a particular set of 
events which joins with the user table to check if the user is not marked 
for a particular flag "dnd" (flag column could have a null value too). The 
query goes something like this:

query = session.query(Event.uid).filter(Event.event.in_(event_list)).\
        join(User, and_((User.id == Event.uid), \
        or_(User.flag == None, User.flag != "dnd")))

It raises an Argument error exception

ArgumentError("Only '=', '!=', 'is_()', 'isnot()' operators can
be used with None/True/False",)

I've tried other possibilities/suggestions (listed below) but still get the 
same error:

   - using # noqa
   - checking "User.Flag is None"
   - checking "User.Flag.is_(None)"

In other places, when I'm checking only with the User table without a join, 
it seems to work. For eg:

User.query.filter(User.flag == None, User.flag != "dnd").all()


DB being used is postgresql.

How do I check for NULL value within this join?

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The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper


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