Also this didn't work for me:


AttributeError: 'generator' object has no attribute 'first'

Swapping first to earlier in the chain like so:



AttributeError: 'Jobmst' object has no attribute 'values'

I get confused as well, thinking that *columns (from here 
infers a list of some kind. 

So if I don't have a columns variable assigned to a list, I should be able 
to embed one directly with this sort of syntax values([c1,c2])
But you indicate something like values(c1,c2). 
So that confuses me as a newbie to Python (my background being 
predominantly Java, Groovy, Typescript, Javascript, Angular 2-4, Ionic 2-3).
The * prefix immediately clicked for my from somewhere else. Maybe 
academically from reading about C++.. Something like a pointer to the whole 

I've been brushing up on things like *args *kwargs too - so understand 
their purpose.
Duck typing, passing parameters as a dictionary is known to me from Groovy.
It still confounds me though knowing what type to pass in the values().
Have been reading here <> about 

On Friday, 9 February 2018 09:48:51 UTC, Jeremy Flowers wrote:
> I was thinking about this overnight.. 
> Do *values* relates specifically to inserts and updates, not 
> selects/deletes perhaps, which would correlate to SQL syntax. 
> If, it would make sense to indicate that in the documentation
> On Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:29:45 UTC, Jeremy Flowers wrote:
>> I've seen you can do things like this:
>> fields = ['jobmst_type', 'jobmst_name']
>>  print(session.query(Jobmst).options(load_only(*fields)).first())
>> But according to the documentation, you should be able to do something 
>> with Query values() 
>> <>
>> too.
>> But once again I seem to be dumbfounded by the syntatic sugar.
>> What data type does the list of values need?
>> *Is there a way to introspect that ahead of time?*
>> Thought I was onto something with *.base_columns*, but that didn't work 
>> either...
>> I ended up with something like an instrumentalAttributes mismatch.
>> print(session.query(Jobmst)
>>              .values([Jobmst.jobmst_type.base_columns,
>>                       Jobmst.jobmst_name.base_columns
>>                       ])
>>              .first()
>>       )
>> sqlalchemy.exc.InvalidRequestError: SQL expression, column, or mapped 
>> entity expected - got '[{Column('jobmst_type', Numeric(scale=0, 
>> asdecimal=False), table=<jobmst>, nullable=False)}, {Column('jobmst_name', 
>> String(length=256), table=<jobmst>, nullable=False)}]'
>> BTW: I'm aware of querying with things like query(Jobmst.jobmst_type, 
>> Jobmst.jobmst_name) too - but looking to understand what values expects.
>> Mike, Can documentation not specify type?

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