There are a few ways to do this in sqlalchemy, but I would probably handle 
this with a custom compiled function.  

there are also custom columns types 

here's an example of making a python function that generates sql to extract 
the year & week from a timestamp field. i use this for SELECTS, but it 
could also be used on inserts.

explaining the below:

* year_week becomes the python function that would be used in your python 
* year_week__default is the default sql compilation for it
* year_week__postgresql and year_week__sqllite are database specific 
compilers for the year_week function. they are registered to the 
`year_week` class by the @compiles decorator

    class year_week(expression.FunctionElement):
        type = sqlalchemy.types.String()
        name = 'year_week'

    def year_week__default(element, compiler, **kw):
        # select extract(week from timestamp_field) from table_a;
        week_num = sqlalchemy.sql.expression.extract('WEEK', 
        args = list(element.clauses)
        return "concat(extract(year from %s), '.', extract(week from %s)) " 
% (

    @compiles(year_week, 'postgresql')
    def year_week__postgresql(element, compiler, **kw):
        # select to_char(timestamp_field, 'YYYY.WW')  from table_a;
        week_num = sqlalchemy.func.to_char(mytable.timestamp_field, 
        args = list(element.clauses)
        return "to_char(%s, 'YYYY.WW')" % (

    @compiles(year_week, 'sqlite')
    def year_week__sqlite(element, compiler, **kw):
        # strftime('%Y.%W', cast(mytable.timestamp_field) as text)
        week_num = sqlalchemy.func.strftime('%Y.%W',
        args = list(element.clauses)
        return "strftime('%%Y.%%W', %s)" % (


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