Maybe, the way to find out is to press ctrl-C during your test and then 
send me the stack trace.

I am unfortunately not able to get any stack trace with ctrl-C. I don't 
know why. It has not effect during the crash which last a few seconds.

Haven't seen many endless loop issues over the years but ctrl-C should give 
you a stack trace.   Also try calling sqlalchemy.orm.configure_mappers() 
first and see if that's where it's hanging.

 Calling sqlalchemy.orm.configure_mappers() before the Weapon(arg1, arg2) 
works fine. The problem is not here.

I must honestly say that I am a bit desesperate. If you have not often seen 
crashes like this during all this years, Mike, it certainly means that the 
problem is vicious and caused by some errors in our side. I expect to spend 
a huge amount of time trying to recreate my model step by step, hoping to 
find the problem. It could even be caused by our metaclasses or something 
like that.

SQLAlchemy is open source. Is it possible to download the source and 
execute SQLAlchemy's code step by step with a Python debugguer like PDB ? 
Would it not be easier ?

Thank you for your help.


SQLAlchemy - 
The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper


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