(Third time's the charm, I messed up my original reply)

First off thank you for the quick reply. I have seen those resources you 
linked a few days ago and it guided me partially to my current ideas. The 
RepositoryContext class is essentially the contextmanager example with some 
extra helper methods.

I think in trying to keep my example concise I left out too much detail to 
illustrate the potential problem I'm trying to avoid. To expand upon it, I 
can imagine a scenario where there are 2 branches, each with their set of 
leaves. In a scenario with some tabbed UI where both branches are "open" 
some editing happens on both but that the intention upon saving is to only 
save the current tab's branch but not commit any of the other changes.

Based on your reply I do think that perhaps I'm trying to cover all my use 
cases too soon. Given that I do not know all the potential requirements it 
is not feasible to hide away the session completely. To continue on the 
expanded example; this is much easier to solve within a controller / 
presenter type layer that tracks which tab corresponds to which entity and 
then propagating changes to the corresponding entities based on the 
command(s) given.

For now I think I will take a step back from the persistence layer and 
flesh out the remaining parts of the application. Once I get around to 
integrating it with a proper GUI I will finalize the design.

Thanks again for the quick and detailed reply.

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