Hey there,

I am trying to setup a multi-schema database, where each schema has it's 
own metadata and tables, but ForeignKey constraints are allowed to cross 
schemas. This usually works fine until I start introducing something like 
alembic revision autogeneration, which uses the sorted_tables feature of 
the metadata, in which case I get errors because sqlalchemy cannot find the 
table referenced by the foreign key. I've attached a simple script that 
showcases my findings, along
with the stacktrace below. I understand that a simple fix would be to use 
actual model object instead of a string to reference the foreign column, 
but ideally would like to continue using strings in case we ever decide to 
break up the code into different projects pointing to the same database. 
Any thoughts?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "simple.py", line 21, in <module>
line 3842, in sorted_tables
    return ddl.sort_tables(sorted(self.tables.values(), key=lambda t: 
line 1028, in sort_tables
    tables, filter_fn=_skip_fn, extra_dependencies=extra_dependencies)
line 1095, in sort_tables_and_constraints
    dependent_on = fkc.referred_table
line 3002, in referred_table
    return self.elements[0].column.table
line 767, in __get__
    obj.__dict__[self.__name__] = result = self.fget(obj)
line 1891, in column
sqlalchemy.exc.NoReferencedTableError: Foreign key associated with column 
'table_two.one_id' could not find table 'one.table_one' with which to 
generate a foreign key to target column 'id'


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import sqlalchemy as sa

metadata_one = sa.MetaData(schema="one")

table_one = sa.Table(
    "table_one", metadata_one,
    sa.Column("id", sa.Text, primary_key=True),

metadata_two = sa.MetaData(schema="two")

table_two = sa.Table(
    "table_two", metadata_two,
    sa.Column("id", sa.Text, primary_key=True),
    sa.Column("one_id", sa.Text, sa.ForeignKey("one.table_one.id"), nullable=False),

if __name__ == "__main__":

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