I have a tester that controls 30 independent variables.  Each variable can 
have about 40 different values.

Periodically, I run a test. I choose 2 of the 30 independent variables, and 
over the next few minutes, fully iterate those 2 variables relative to each 
other, visiting each point in a 40*40 space.  I want to record the result 
of the test at each of those 40*40 points.

What's the best way to use sqlalchemy+mysql to represent this use case?  
I'm not even sure of the terminology to use describing this factoring to 
use for Google searching.

I'm inclined to have a separate table for each test run, where that table 
records {param1 value, param2 value, date, result} and then have a master 
table, one row per test run, where that row holds the value of all 30 
variables, lists the 2 control variables, and then somehow references or 
names the separate table with the results of the test run.

Robert Henry

SQLAlchemy - 
The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper


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