SQLite version 3.20.0 is now available on the SQLite website:


This is a regularly scheduled maintenance release of SQLite.  The release 
contains performance improvements, new features, and fixes to some obscure 
bugs.  See the change log above for details.

In this release, the column names returned by sqlite3_column_name() and 
sqlite3_column_name16() may shift for some queries.  Those routines now return 
names that are more consistent and more aligned with the column names generated 
by PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLServer.  This may cause problems for applications 
that (incorrectly) depend on specific column names in queries that do not use 
AS clauses to assign specific column names.  The name shift will only occur for 
queries that use views or subqueries in the FROM clause and that use qualified 
names (table.column) to specify output columns.  The output columns in such 
queries would formerly sometimes be named by the qualified name "table.column" 
and sometimes by just the "column" but are now always named by just the 

The text of some error messages has also been changed (and we hope improved).  
Applications that depend on specific error message text may be impacted.

As with all releases, the code for 3.20.0 has been very carefully tested.  
Nevertheless, bugs are always possible in a complex system like SQLite.  If you 
detect any malfunctions, please report them on the 
sqlite-us...@mailinglists.sqlite.org mailing list, or directly to me.

D. Richard Hipp

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