SQLite version 3.25.0 is now available on the SQLite website:


The 3.25.0 release adds support for window functions and enhances the ALTER 
TABLE support.  See the release log link for additional information.

About a week ago, a bug was discovered in SQLite that could cause the byte-code 
engine to enter an endless loop under certain very obscure conditions.  I 
didn't think this was such a big deal, as the error condition was unusually 
difficult to reach and there was no data corruption nor incorrect answers 
returned.  But the internet thought otherwise and so there was a lot of 
discussion of the bug on HN and Reddit.  Just to be clear, that bug is fixed in 
the current release.  Upgrade if it is important do you.  There are a handful 
of other bug fixes in the current release.

If you encounter problems with this release, please send email to the 
sqlite-us...@mailinglists.sqlite.org mailing list, or directly to me.  Thanks.

D. Richard Hipp

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