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> I used this design in a proprietary database in the late 1980s. The
> only reason I didn't consider modifying SQLite this way up until now
> is that I was anticipating BTree changes for 3.0, so I confined my
> efforts to the pager layer.

btw, another example of this class of approach, with a bsd-style
license, is GigaBASE from the prolific Konstantin Knizhnik:

It does not offer anything approaching full SQL.
It does however have several features not available in sqlite:
- online backup [1]
- master-slave replication
- group commit [2]
- parallel query (multiple threads for full table scans)

[1] There is kind of support in sqlite for online backup, via
   echo '.dump' | sqlite ex1 > backup.sql
though this would result in a largish file and blocks
everything else.

[2] Grouping commits is a mechanism that allows for pending transactions 
to get fsync'd together.
This allows for greater performance with a risk only of losing
some transactions (at most the size of the group), but not
greater risk of a corrupted database.
This is more flexibility than sqlite's big knob of OFF/NORMAL/FULL.
It is also offered by DB2, Oracle, and MySQL.

In idle moments I've toyed with what it would take to splice
GigaBASE with the query parser and planner from
lambda-db or sqlite.
But then I wake up....


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