We're considering the use of SQLite in the next version of our Doc1
product. SQLite does seem the ideal embedded database for us to use.
However, there seem to a couple of thorny issues, and can someone please
throw some light on they could possibly be resolved:

1. Our product is Unicode (in fact we recently ported the code over from
DBCS). I see from the ongoing discussions that supporting Unicode is
something that is planned for SQLite 3.0. So what is the timeframe for 3.0
? How easy / difficult may it turn out to be to change the code ourselves ?
We may need to start the work very soon.

2. Our product allows users to write logic by dragging and dropping visual
elements on the front end - and as part of that, we have our own datatypes
(for example Integer, Fixed Point Number (proprietary format), String,
Date, Time). So the fact that SQLite is typeless may turn out to be an
advatage - but we would need to 'override', for example, arithmetic and
comparison functions to use our own code. How easy or difficult may that
turn out to be ?

I probably should mention that our runtime engine (virtual machine) runs on
a multitude of platforms from  Windows to several flavours of Unix to MVS.

Thanks a lot,


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