On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Juan Romano wrote:

>Hi, I am porting sqlite to vxworks.  I use the shell to issue some
>simple SQL commands.   I can create a table and then I can issue insert
>SQL statements, but when I try to display the data I inserted (by using
>select) I always get the first record and only the first record I
>inserted.  I can create a second table and try the same thing and the
>same thing happens. It seems that all inserts after the first one are
>getting lost.
>I have had to change a number of things because of the file systems
>differences. It took some work to get the files management working
>(???), but obviously there is still some work there.

Try compiling your changes on a regular UNIX machine, and see if you get
the same results.

I thought VxWorks would be UNIX like enough to work simply with the
existing UNIX code. Is that not the case?

>I am sure it is my doing but I am looking for some pointers as to what
>area of the code I should be looking at.  I have a bunch of debug
>statements but I don't see any error or anything suspicious. It appears
>that the data is being written to the files, but somehow it gets lost.
>May be it is the record retrieval where the problem is.

The only code you should need to update is os.c, as the other code should
be sufficiently platform independant not to require updates.

Maybe if you posted your changes, someone else could try them.


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