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>Hello everybody,

>does someone have any experience with building for the QNX operating 
>system? And for the Power PC processor?

>QNX 6.2.1 is a real-time Linux but it behaves strangely sometimes.

No .. it doesn't behave 'strangely" at all :)

> It has not gcc but a qcc compiler. 

qcc is only a frontend of the gcc ... so QNX has gcc.

>Our testing program runs correctly on 
>the x86 PC. It creates a database, a table, inserts and selects data. 
>But the same program cross-compiled on the same computer for PPC ends at 
>the first "CREATE TABLE" statement with SQLITE_BUSY.

>I am using SQLite 2.8.6. Is it possible that the little-or-big-endian 
>thing could cause this trouble? 

That's the case ..


   Armin Steinhoff

>Or do you have any other ideas?

>Thank you very much,

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