> This works on some systems but not on others.  On some
> versions of Linux, a thread is not able to override locks
> created by a different thread in the same process.  When
> that happens, a database connection created on one thread
> will not be usable by a different thread.

This is not the point here because the file lock
should be released to allow the previous OsFile->tid to
be reset (this is my case).

(i forgot this from the enhancement...)

- "sqlite3_release" function.
It checks the lock state of files. If all is clear,
set OsFile->tid to 0.
return the state.

- "sqlite3_release" function.
It checks the lock state of files. If something is
locked, it releases transactions/file locks
and finally set OsFile->tid to 0.

- Atomically, a thread try to 'CHECK_THREADID' in
sqlite3OsLock and if the OsFile->tid eq 0,
just call SET_THREADID.

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