I hope that this restriction is not enforced on windows, ever! I have an 
application that will be completely broken by this:

it is an application server, that serves multiple clients, pools db 
connections, and  hands them out on demand, protecting the pool with a number of
mechanisms that have never failed. so, the application is quite thread-safe. on 
windows, the option to use processes instead of threds,is not a very good one, 
as you know.so, any scheme that uses threads, AND resource pooling, will fail 
if you enforce above restriction, which is meaningless in windows, anyway. so, 
please don't!

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> On Mon, 2005-09-05 at 19:58 +0200, René Tegel wrote:
> > As far as i can tell now the windows version of 3.2.5 seems 
> not affected.
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> The restriction that a DB handle can only be used from a 
> single thread is currently only enforced on Unix, because 
> Unix boxes are the only place where using DB handles in 
> multiple threads is a problem.
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