> On Nov 30, 2016, at 5:53 PM, Keith Medcalf <kmedc...@dessus.com> wrote:
> Wattage problem based on incoherent understanding of how floating point 
> numbers are stored.  

You may not be aware of this, Keith, but that comes off as really snarky and 

I feel I have a fairly coherent (if not domain-expert) understanding of FP, and 
it sounds like others here do too. And while I do not myself work with database 
schema involving money, I understand that the consensus among those who do is 
to _not_ store monetary values as floating-point, due to the roundoff error. 
Some people reject algorithms out-of-hand that accumulate even tiny amounts of 
roundoff error*. And of course the roundoff error increases as the size of the 
integer portion of the number increases.


* just as some people reject UUID schemes with a tiny-but-nonzero chance of 
collisions, hmm?
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