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> Hello,I have a batch (.bat) file that runs a C program to
> pre-process a text file to a clean .csv file. 
> Then the batch file runs SQLite3 -init to execute dot (.)
> commands.  Everything works great except the last dot
> command ".exit" or ".quit" to close the SQLite3 program
> out.  I always have to manually enter .exit to get back
> to the command prompt.  What can I do to have SQLite3
> automatically exit?

> The batch file has the following commands:
>  cls
>  SOE_sort.exe %1
>  sqlite3.exe -init SOE_sortRC.sqliterc

  SOE_sort.exe %1
  sqlite3.exe <SOE_sortRC.sqliterc

The -init parameter is meant to run an initialisation script, so
it isn't supposed to exit. In other words, it is an alternative
for ~/.sqliterc .

A script as redirected input _does_ execute .quit, it even exits
without .quit when the stream reaches end of file.


Kees Nuyt

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