The SQLite 3.18.0 release is forecast to occur within about two weeks.
A snapshot of the latest amalgamation source code is available at

Please review the changes and try out the latest code.  Report any
issues or concerns on this mailing list, or directly to me at the
email shown below.  Your feedback is important.

Draft documentation is available at

The release checklist is on-line at

The 3.18.0 release will occur when the above checklist goes all green.
We expect start marking off checklist items later this week or early
next week.  (Test procedure review - item 1 - might be checked off a
little sooner.)

If you access SQLite source code using a local Fossil client, please
note that Fossil version 2.0 or later is necessary to see SQLite
changes since 2017-03-12.  Precompiled binaries and easy-to-compile
source code for Fossil are available at if you need to

Thank you for taking the time to review this beta.
D. Richard Hipp
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