I have finally given up. After almost all day trying to compile SQLite 
amalgamated source code files for ARM platform I got the conclusion that SQLite 
is not for ARM platform, even when documentation says the contrary. I have VS 
2008 and I tried to compile some C++ wrappers out there that contains 
amalgamated files but with no success

I tried several command line parameters, but nothing.

Last try was, by using only amalgamated files (shell.c, sqlite3.c, sqlite3.h, 
sqlite3ext.h). There is no science with this. I open a VS2008 command prompt 
and VS2012 ARM Command prompt and compile with:

"cl sqlite3.c -link -dll -out:sqlite3.dll -machine:ARM"

In both cases, I got this error:

"crtdefs.h(338) : fatal error C1189: #error :  Compiling Desktop applications 
for the ARM platform is not supported."

That took  me to the conclusion about SQLite is only for Desktop applications, 
which is very bad. Is there another alternative or trick to make it compile for 
ARM platform?


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