As I understand this the eponymous-only virtual table, sqlite_stmt, will
show any active (so not
finalized) statements on the current database connection. As mentioned this
can be useful to track
unfinalized statements and this is what I was interested in. There are 2
problems with this:
Firstly a minor one: When I run SELECT * FROM sqlite_stmt I will at least
get a result like this:

*sql* *ncol* *ro* *busy* *nscan* *nsort* *naidx* *nstep* *reprep* *run*
SELECT * FROM sqlite_stmt 11 1 1 0 0 0 19 0 1 62392

As this statement has not been finalized yet. Not really a problem as I can
ignore this as I can see
that this is the only row and is from running a statement on SQLite_stmt.
The main problem is however that SQLite_stmt doesn't hold the statement
handle, so the result
of sqlite3_prepare. I wonder why this is.

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