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Right now, when I went to a machine that I had upgraded with a
snapshot, I saw that the version was 3.20.0.  But when I compared the DLL
file size and date, they were different. It would be nice for pre-releases
to have something to distinguish them with the new one.

That "something" is the "source-id".  You can access the source-id
from C-code using



   sqlite3_sourceid()  (

Or you can access the information from SQL using

sqlite_source_id() (

The 3.20.0 release version has a source-id of

   "2017-08-01 13:24:15

The snapshots have an earlier date.  You can trace the version of
SQLite you are running back to a particular source-code repository
check-in using the hash.  Let $HASH be some prefix of the hash shown
at the end of the source-id.  (8 characters is usually plenty.)  Then
you can find the check-in, in context, by visiting
"$HASM".  For example:


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