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> Hey, do you know where I can find good instructions on how to use SQLITE in
> PHP?

I used to do that for a living.

First, use the sqlite3 module.  Don’t use the PDO module which can access many 
types of database.  So you should be doing "new SQLite3()" like this:

        $db = new SQLite3('mysqlitedb.db');
        $results = $db->query('SELECT bar FROM foo');
        while ($row = $results->fetchArray()) {

Second, I have not found any better examples than you find in the documentation


which is rather annoying since there aren’t many examples of some calls.

Third, I recommend you try to do object-oriented programming in PHP where 
possible, and the sqlite3 module works well with that.  So although the call 
provided is

        $row = $results->fetchArray()

I frequently do

        $row = (object) $results->fetchArray()

and the var_dump line in the above example will show you how this changes what 
you get.

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