On 8/6/17 4:03 PM, Edmondo Borasio wrote:
*progr_no* *ID*
1 grace
*2* *john*
3 alan
4 tim
*5* *john*
*6* *john*
7 sandra
*8* *john*

What is the simplest and most efficient way of telling SQLITE to select the
NEXT or the PREVIOUS *progr_no *for a given recurring ID, let's say "john"?

Let's assume that I currently I am at progr_no=5.

I was thinking of maybe looping for a given ID and building an associative
array with also the progr_no, but there must be a more efficient and direct
solution, I guess!



Something like SELECT progr_no FROM table WHERE progr_no > 5 AND ID = "john" ORDER BY progr_no ASC LIMIT 1

(I think that's correct, doing strictly from memory).

Not sure what the best index would be, probably an index on ID, progr_no since ID needs an exact match

Richard Damon

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