It would be so much easier if you could provide hex dumps of the strings 
involved. Maybe just a few characters and a verbal description of what you 
think you are storing (greek lowercase alpha, ...).

From appearances it seems that your text objects are locale aware, which would 
suggest a code-page based approach instead of UTF8. Hint: If what you put in is 
all special characters and half as long as what is returned, then you are 
converting ISO to UTF8 somewhere along the way.

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My code is simple. FDConnection, FDQuery, DataSource + DBGrid, 3 Edits and a 
button. Then this OnClick event:

Procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin
  FDTable1.FieldByName('gms_id').AsInteger:= StrToInt(edNummer.Text);
  FDTable1.FieldByName('gms_graesk').AsString:= edGræsk.Text; // this is greek 
letters but in DBGrid it is something like '?e? e??ae ?a???'
  FDTable1.FieldByName('gms_dansk').AsString:= edDansk.Text;


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Lars Frederiksen wrote:
> I have followed 2 tutorials about SQLite, and none of these mentioned the 
> VARCHAR() possibility....

Because SQLite pretty much ignores column types.
Interpreting "VARCHAR" this way is how FireDAC does things; you have to look 
into the FireDAC documentation.

> But I also realized that it is not possible just to put some greek (unicode) 
> characters into a field. It ends up with a mix of latin chars and 
> questionmarks.
> Is there a (simple) solution on this problem?

Yes: fix the bugs in your code (which you have not shown).

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