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> We’ve also seen that, on low-end hardware like mobile devices, I/O bandwidth 
> is limited enough that a running compaction can really harm the 
> responsiveness of the _entire OS_, as well as cause significant battery drain.

Yes.  Cannot stress enough that you don’t need VACUUM for efficient storage.  
It locks the entire database, it monopolises access to storage, and it does 
many writes to storage which means it’ll wear through Flash storage cycles.  
What used to be the great advantage of VACUUM — defragmentation — was useful 
for hard disks but does not give any advantage for Flash storage.

The only advantages are to save filespace immediately after deleting data or 
indexes.  You might want VACUUM if you delete data, then take a copy of your 
database for backup.  But most SQLite databases are small enough that this 
doesn’t matter.

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