I’m new to sqlite and C. I get this error whilst trying to compile csv.c on 
macOS 10.12.6. See http://sqlite.org/csv.html <http://sqlite.org/csv.html>

gavmacbook:code Gavin$ gcc -g -fPIC -dynamiclib csv.c -o csv.dylib
csv.c:115:3: error: no member named '__builtin___vsnprintf_chk' in 'struct 
  sqlite3_vsnprintf(CSV_MXERR, p->zErr, zFormat, ap);
/usr/include/sqlite3ext.h:435:53: note: expanded from macro 'sqlite3_vsnprintf'
#define sqlite3_vsnprintf              sqlite3_api->vsnprintf
                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~  ^
/usr/include/secure/_stdio.h:75:3: note: expanded from macro 'vsnprintf'
  __builtin___vsnprintf_chk (str, len, 0, __darwin_obsz(str), format, ap)
csv.c:115:21: warning: incompatible integer to pointer conversion passing 'int' 
to parameter of type 'const void *' [-Wint-conversion]
  sqlite3_vsnprintf(CSV_MXERR, p->zErr, zFormat, ap);
csv.c:67:19: note: expanded from macro 'CSV_MXERR'
#define CSV_MXERR 200
/usr/include/secure/_stdio.h:75:57: note: expanded from macro 'vsnprintf'
  __builtin___vsnprintf_chk (str, len, 0, __darwin_obsz(str), format, ap)
/usr/include/secure/_common.h:39:54: note: expanded from macro '__darwin_obsz'
#define __darwin_obsz(object) __builtin_object_size (object, _USE_FORTIFY_LEVEL 
> 1 ? 1 : 0)
1 warning and 1 error generated.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Gavin Rayner

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