Wout Mertens wrote:
> I have a table with a bunch of data (in json). I want to search on several
> values, each one is indexed. However, if I search for COND1 AND COND2, the
> query plan is simply
> SEARCH TABLE data USING INDEX cond1Index (cond1=?)
> Is this normal?

Yes.  A query can use only a single index per table.

> Should I be creating indexes differently to cover two dimensions at once?

Create an index on both colums:

  CREATE INDEX cond1and2Index ON data(cond1, cond2);

If you are not using equality comparisons on all but the last columns in
the index, you might need an expression index.  (With JSON, I guess you
are already doing this.)

> Perhaps with r*tree?

That would be useful mainly for multidimensional, numeric range queries
(e.g., "xColumn BETWEEN ? AND ? AND yColumn BETWEEN ? AND ?").

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