Thanks Rowan. I’ve picked up bits and pieces from the various replies to get a 
basic idea of what’s going on. My question should’ve been posted on the c++ 
builder forum in the first place. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.


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On 8 August 2017 at 18:32, x <> wrote:

> Why does it always turn out to be my own fault ☹

Welcome to programming ;)

It's very rare in practice to find an actual bug in a library or language,
especially one as widely deployed and tested as sqlite. Glad you're sorted,
I just wanted to have a quick go at clearing this up:

but finding out that the UTF8 code for the UTF16 code \u0085 is in fact
> \uc285 has tipped me over the edge

1. \u0085 is a unicode code-point, 'NEXT LINE (NEL)'
2. \uc285 is a unicode code-point, 'HANGUL SYLLABLE SWIT (솅)'
3. Neither of these is a UTF8 or UTF8 "code" -- UTF8 and UTF16 are
different ways of enconding/decoding unicode code-points
4. In UTF8, \u0085 is encoded as two bytes -- 0xc2 0x85
5. In UTF8, \uc285 is encoded as three bytes -- 0xec 0x8a 0x85

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