There is a solution since about 1984 ... it is called NNTP (Usenet News).  
Google Groups is basically Usenet News with a (so some people thing -- but not 
I -- I detest so-called web-forums) purty front end to the news reader.  
Gateways between mailman, bitnet, usenet, and a bunch of other stuff existed 
for a long time (and still do, mostly).

The fact that there's a Highway to Hell but only a Stairway to Heaven says a 
lot about anticipated traffic volume.

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>> (It'd be great to have mostly-read-only public IMAP servers serving
>> mailing list archives.  I say mostly-read-only because one should
>> to keep track of what one has read, responded to, flagged, and
>> "deleted".  But this concept appears to be a pipe dream at this
>I literally spent years exploring concepts in that vein, and almost
>got a product like that built while I was at Apple ten years ago.
>The closest existing solution I’ve found is
><>, which is a pretty good integration of mailing-
>lists and web-forums. You can get posts as emails or in a web
>interface, every email has a link to a view of the thread, and of
>course you can browse and search the archives. (Yeah, it’s a lot like
>Google Groups, but IMHO the functionality is better and the UI
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