please have a look at the following sequence of statements executed on Windows 10 with sqlite3.exe, version 3.19.3 and 3.20.0:

CREATE TABLE test("column with space" TEXT);
CREATE TABLE test2 AS SELECT "column with space" FROM test;
CREATE TABLE test3 AS SELECT "column with space" FROM test GROUP BY 1;
CREATE TABLE test4 AS SELECT "column with space" AS "column with space" FROM test GROUP BY 1;
SELECT * FROM sqlite_master;
table|test|test|2|CREATE TABLE test("column with space" TEXT)
table|test2|test2|3|CREATE TABLE test2("column with space" TEXT)
table|test3|test3|4|CREATE TABLE test3("""column with space""" TEXT)
table|test4|test4|5|CREATE TABLE test4("column with space" TEXT)

As you can see the table "test3" has extra double quotes around the column name "column with space". There should be no extra double quotes for this table and table "test3" should look like the tables "test2" and "test4".

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