I am using SQLite in multi-thread mode, which means that different threads 
using different SQLite connection.
And now I find an issue that the results of SQLite C interface returned is 
expired while the schema of database is changed.

The following sample runs in different threads, but I force them to 

Thread 1:
1. Conn A: Open, PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL
Thread 2:
2.ConnB: Open, PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL
Thread 1:
3.ConnA: CREATE TABLE sample (i INTEGER);
Thread 2:
4.ConnB: PRAGMA table_info('sample')

Firstly, both thread 1 and 2 do initialization for their own conn, which is to 
read to schema into memory.
Then, Conn A creates a table with Conn A.
Finally, `PRAGMA table_info(sample)` is called in thread 2 with Conn B and it 
returns nothing.
The same thing could happen if I change the step 4 to 
`sqlite3_table_column_metadata` or some other interfaces.

I do know the reason should be the expired in-memory-schema. But I find no docs 
about which interface will or will not update the schema and what should I do 
while I call a non-update-schema interface ?
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