On 2017/09/05 10:13 PM, John McKown wrote:
On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM, Stephen Chrzanowski <pontia...@gmail.com>

On behalf of Cecil, the fault in that logic is that count(*) returns the
number of rows in that table, not whether there is a hole "somewhere:  Your
query will either return 1, or, 0.

​I either don't understand you, or I am doing something wrong. I used "a"
instead of "Last Used" in my example because I'm just plain lazy.

I think Stephen assumed the OP meant that he wanted to know the number of "holes" (i.e. skipped IDs) in the DB, which I thought was obviously not what the OP wanted, until the OP mentioned his Tea column cannot have NULL values, so now I'm slightly lost and Stephen's interpretation seems more sensible, but then the OP said that Igor's solution is working for him, which should only work if there are NULL values... so yes, I am very much confused as to exactly what goes on now.
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