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> >>> Maybe this is correct, but it is certainly confusing.
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> >> The constraint check occurs before the implicit conversion.
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> > ​Should that not be the other way around?
> This is an important point.  But I’d say not.  Constraint checks are there
> to make sure that the programmers are doing the Right Thing, not that the
> DBMS is doing the Right Thing.  So it’s the source value which is checked,
> not the value stored in the database.
> To do it the other way around suggests that SQLite needs to check that
> SQLite is doing the Right Thing, which would be a waste of cycles, and a
> sign that the developers need to consult a psychiatrist.

​I would not see it as database checking, but that is just my opinion. ;-)

But it would be a good idea to mention this. I just tested my assumption,
but maybe someone else ‘knows’ he only has to check for real.

Cecil Westerhof
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