What Operating System are you talking about (including specific version), and 
what do you mean by "memory"?  Are you talking about system-wide virtual arena, 
system-wide virtual commit size, process virtual size, process commit size, 
process working set, or something else?

The fact that there's a Highway to Hell but only a Stairway to Heaven says a 
lot about anticipated traffic volume.

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>HI All
>        I am using SQLite inmemory database. Every time when data is
>loaded the PC RAM increases gradually. At some point of time the
>memory reduces to normal. but still inmemory database works fine.
>    why memory shows high in task manager and reduces after sometime?
>    if the memory reduces to normal where inmemory stores the data?
>    Any idea one this??
>Thanks & Regards,
>Karthi M
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