>>> Are you using a single prepared statement and binding values (in which
case, how do you know what values to bind for the "non-updated" columns?) or
are you creating query strings? 

I am not too sure, if i get it completely. My current code has a lot of
update statements like.

"update records set name=:name, type=:type, class=:class, ttl=:ttl where
every time we do prepare the statetment again (sqlite3_prepare_v2) and call
sqlite_bind_* for each of these columns (name, type, class, ttl) and then

Now here intent was/is to just update "ttl" column but i see that we are
unnecessarily updating 4 fields. And my original question was in this
context where i want to figure out whether it could make some performance
improvement if we change the above statement to 
"update records set ttl=:ttl where rr_id=:rr_id;"

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